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Martha's Heart

Margie Eichenberger

Shelter Manager

Strength, Perserverance and Unconditional Love

Margie has overcome pain, loss, tragedy, abandonment, and rejection from birth. Unknowingly, this was the beginning of many challenges she would face throughout life. However, those challenges became the fuel God would use to make her more than a conqueror.

Abandoned by her mother at 6 months old, Margie was raised by her father. Growing up in his household became abusive and soon she was in foster care and eventually living with relatives.

At 15, Margie witnessed the ability of God to change her father’s life and the relationship was restored. 10 months later, her father’s life was tragically taken in a devestating tornado. Although emotionally shattered, Margie was thankful for the time to experience the power of God’s forgiveness.

Margie persevered, married and gave birth to a son. What started out as a loving relationship became physically, mentally and emotionally abusive. Margie had no choice but to leave and raise her son by herself.

More tragedy hit when Margie suffered a brutal attack from a man she knew from high school. The attacker had not been caught and Margie’s world was no longer safe. She needed a place of refuge, sanctuary and peace. After several weeks on the waiting list, God answered her prayers and Martha’s Home had a space for her.

During her 1 year and 3 months stay at Martha’s Home, Margie helped with donations, organizing the clothing closet and volunteered where ever she was needed. Today, Margie is the shelter manager at Martha’s Home, has a degree in medical billing and coding, and an associate degree in nursing.

Margie’s knowledge and expertise of the struggles the residents encounter makes her uniquely qualified to help. She relates to the ladies with empathy and understanding and helps them make right decisions. They look to Margie for guidance, direction, wisdom and friendship as they navigate through the challenges they face every day. She listens with her heart, loves unconditionally and is an invaluable part of Martha’s Home team. Thank you, Margie, for making a difference!

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