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Present Needs Future Success is an initiative for Martha’s Home to increase individual giving for sustainability of the organization and create an education fund for current and past residents to become self-sufficient. Through individual consistent monthly contributions, a percentage of funds raised through the initiative will be used for present needs (general operations) and a percentage will be placed in the future success fund that is earmarked for current and past residents who are seeking to become self-sufficient through higher education.


Martha’s Home has 5 residential homes and can serve the needs of up to 60 women and/or their children needing temporary shelter. Martha’s Home provides food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene products, transportation, individual case management, parenting classes, budgeting, interviewing for jobs, stress management and conflict resolution, assistance with childcare, vocational training and job placement, access to computers, legal and medical matters, GED program and college level programs, and establishing permanent housing. 

Children at Martha’s Home receive clothing for school, school supplies, transportation for school, medical care as needed, liaison for school homeless services, parenting support, Christmas gifts, birthday parties, onsite childcare, hygiene products, diapers, over the counter medications, cribs, strollers, car seats and baby showers for expectant mothers. 



Currently, three percent of residents are attending school upon entering Martha’s Home. 24% are attending at time of exit. Education provides a pathway for residents to become self-sufficient and obtain their dreams. Participating in the Present Needs Future Success initiative, through consistent monthly giving, will provide food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs for residents and their children. In addition, a percentage of your giving will be for education.

Martha’s Home believes education can break the cycle of homelessness. The Present Needs Future Successinitiative is a pathway for Martha’s Home women and children to realize their dreams. Individuals who partner with Martha’s Home with consistent monthly giving, will provide for the current needs of women and their children, create sustainability for the organization and establish a legacy of hope that will impact the lives of others for generations to come. 

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