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  • Sharon Miner

Overcoming Barriers

Beth's Story

People struggle with overcoming difficulties in life. When a person’s baggage is packed full and their resources run out, more obstacles tend to stand in the way. Society turns its back on the homeless, addicts, the mentally ill, and those who just fall on hard times. Many individuals in our community, if given the opportunity and tools, can thrive and become self-sufficient.

I discovered hopelessness by being homeless, living on the streets as an addict, and not owning anything except for the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet. I did not have an ID or even a blanket or pillow. The only meals were from my campsite, a dumpster, stolen from a store, or graciously handed out by caring strangers. I spent my days attempting to panhandle for money and I roamed the city at night in search of somewhere safe to sleep. Deep down I knew something had to change. I quit using drugs. I went to medical appointments and spoke to social workers before I reached out to Martha’s Home. It was four months later, 7 months pregnant, 3 months clean, and living in a tent when I received the call. Martha’s Home had a bed for me and for the first time in years my hopelessness turned to hope.

I attend Amarillo College with a 4.0 and have been accepted into the National Honor Society. I will remain steadfast in keeping my health appointments, attend life recovery classes, continue my education and more importantly, love and take care of my baby girl. Martha’s Home helped me change my addictive behaviors and create healthy goals. I have moved passed the barriers that kept me hopeless and now I can see how a little bit of hope can change a life.

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